Created for developers

TriTan is a schemaless, API first framework which allows developers to version control the whole installation. TriTan gives you the freedom to build sites and applications any way you like.


With TriTan you can create any number of separate sites; each with their own RESTful endpoints.

TriTan also allows you to run sites and power iOS and Android applications under one roof. One install to rule them all!

TriTan CMS Multisite

Plugins, Actions & Filters

There are several plugins you can download in order to extend the functionality of TriTan if you plan to use it to power your website. There are also action hooks and filters that you can use to change or manipulate the way TriTan functions.

TriTan CMS Media Library

Post Types

Post Types allow you to organize your site. Post types can be used as categories in order to categorize content, or they can be used as sections.

Have an article section, then create an Article posttype. Need to create a case study section on your site, then use post types to create that Case Study section.

TriTan CMS Post Types

Fork on Github

Fork the project on GitHub

TriTan CMS is opensource! It's hosted, developed, and maintained on GitHub.

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