TriTan CMS 0.9.7 was released on Tuesday, June 5, 2018.

Installation / Update

Download the new version from Github or SourceForge.


- [Fix 27ce82f] Set url scheme fix
- [Fix ba7241e] Deleted min folder created from test environment
- [Enhance a03679d] User and usermeta methods, functions and tables
- [Feature a430a99] Added generated password function

File Changes


  • M – stands for Modified
  • D = Deleted
  • A = Added
M app/functions/auth-function.php
M app/functions/core-function.php
M app/functions/hook-function.php
M app/functions/meta-function.php
M app/functions/site-function.php
M app/functions/user-function.php
M app/routers/admin.router.php
M app/routers/index.router.php
M app/routers/site.router.php
M app/routers/user.router.php
M app/src/ACL.php
M app/src/Email.php
M app/src/User.php
M app/views/_layouts/admin.php
M app/views/admin/user/create.php
M app/views/admin/user/profile.php
M app/views/admin/user/update.php
M private/db/user.json
M private/db/usermeta.json
D static/assets/css/min/133cfdbc37f6b003f0069dd3721616e0.css